The project has been a collaborative effort made possible only by the fantastic dedication of an amazing team of volunteers.

RTCT would formally like to thank the 63 volunteers who carried out the field work. The project just wouldn’t have happened let alone achieved the coverage it did without their time and effort. Some volunteers have taken on many Tetrads over the four years and some just the one all equally important in piecing together the jigsaw across the whole catchment.

Thank you to all of you:

Alan Curtis; Andrew Callendar; Andrew MacGarvey; Andrew Patchett; Andrew Rushton; Andy Coates; Andy Coulson-Phillips; Brian Powell; Cathy Earle; Chris Nevin; Claire Forrest; Claire Stevens; Clare Roberts; Colin Williams; Conor MacKenzie; Dave Jackson; David Philips; David Stracey; Elaine King; Garry Marsh; Gerry Studd; Jamie Challoner; Jan Walmsley; Jane Bowley; Jill Wemble; John Barnes; John Gearing; John Ross; Jon Fletcher; Jonathon Seabrook; Jude Mann; Kate Ashbrook; Kath Daly; Lars Ahlgren; Leo Keedy; Lynette Basha; Lynne Lambert; Marcus Militello; Mark Vallance; Martin Routledge; Matt Stevens; Mike Bond; Mike Chadwick; Mike Jordan; Mike Wemble; Nick Marriner; Nick Walker; Olive Patchett; Pete Bray; Philip Lees; Philip Richardson; Richard Salt; Richard Tomlin; Rob Andrews; Roger Warren; Sandy Studd; Sarah Close; Sue Rowe; Tessa Oliver; Tim Grout-Smith; Trevor Jenkins; Trish Carter; Valarie Siddiqui.